Rosie De Sanctis and Bill Miller had a vision.

What if there was a place on social media where people could go to find “Good News Stories,” and other various forms of “Positivity?” Both Rosie and Bill have experience in the news and entertainment business, and what better way to find such a place than to create it yourself?


The two decided to launch “The Rosie and Bill Show” in January of 2018. The motto and mission of the show was to serve as “Your social media source for all things positive.” Since their first episode they have sought out positive people, good news stories and other opportunities to just have fun! From “On the Road” features, to “Sports Shorts” (Rosie & Bill love their Philly Teams!) “The Motivational Message” and a series of other unique and fun filled segments, they are working hard every day to live into their motto.


If you enjoy what you see and hear from The Rosie and Bill Show page, we hope you’ll help us spread the good news and positivity by sharing it with your friends and by subscribing to The Rosie & Bill Show YouTube Channel! We’ve only just begun this journey, and with the help of our friends and followers, the BEST is yet to come! Stay Tuned...



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